Monday, November 20, 2006

L12 Speaking

Hello? Hello? How do these old computers work? Does this mic even function?

Oh. Here it is. How J79 got the idea for using this antiquated equiptment... my grandmother wouldn't have a clue about this! It doesn't even look complicated enough to be able to make toast. And what's with these little buttons with funny symbols on them? My gods, are those supposed to be letters? I wouldn't be suprised if this thing's broken.

Then again, if this really works, then M90 might not be such a nut after all. Using Ethernaet capabilities to fling this hundreds of years back in hopes that some kids would read it and follow in our footsteps before we even stepped in them, so to speak... You'd have to be completly insane to top that. But M90 does have... Eskinletta. Don't tell anyone. Yhrn would arrest him before you could cough. Then again and again, you Earthies might take a long time to cough, how could I know?

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