Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Author's Note--IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!


Hello people! Just to let you know, I am using this blog to post a story from the point of view of one of the characters, much as Kirsten Miller uses the blog Ananka's Diary; if you've read her book Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City you definitely should check it out!!

And with that done, we move on to explanations and casts of characters! Whoopee!! (cast will folow in my next post, so be happy with what you've got for now-- this story took me a long time to get worthy of publishing!) (If you want to know where I got the idea for this, it's the last thing and it's in bold too)


FIRST: Will you explain a bit, kid? I need to get my bearings!!
Naturally! I wouldn't want confused readers, now, would I? *audience is silent* *crickets chirping* Well, I wouldn't! So there!
It takes place in a futuristic, sterilized, over-controlled, censored society. Classic story, you can guess the end already, huh? Well, here's a surprise for you: the rebels are mostly kids! That, I think, is something not many people have done.
I am completly disregarding modern (or, really, Earth's) geography; in this story the continents are a large landmass, a bunch of islands, and also (though the grownups don't know it) a Bermuda Triangle-like continent, much smaller than the main landmass; this is the SMART's headquarters. (These continents could not have come about if something BIG hadn't happened, but I'll explain the BIG thing in a later blog, so sit back and enjoy the story. I might also do that for some of the major inventions and earlier ancestors of the SMART. You'll just have to wait a bit!!!)

SECOND: What, exactly, IS the SMART?
The SMART is the world wide conspiracy against bad adults, bad teachers, bimbos, Mary-Sues, Gary-Stues (the male version of a Mary-Sue, ick); bad, superficial, manipulative, condescending, or just generally annoying and/or bad people.
It is composed of kids, teens (who prefer the term 'young adults', thank you very much, because of the predujices and stereotypes implied in the word "teens", and also the fact that they are classified, in the SMART [in most cases] as young adults from somewhere inbetween 10-13 up, not the classic 13 that is used for "teens"), and some adults, luckily, usualy ones who's training in the SMART has carried over (others have needed to be mindwiped).

THIRD: And what in heck is Project Lalingpap?
SMART's last, and biggest, stand. They are doing a desperate fling out in a certain place: the Blue 16 Location, as that locale is known for the fact that it is the 16th location with a blue nuclear power plant serving it. If that goes well, they are on for a full-scale revolution.

And for my idea:
I got the idea, the basic one of a futuristic society in sterilized bubbles, powered by nuclear power plants, while playing with a guest's 3-year-old daughter using building blocks. I had built two nearly identical towns, using the floor tiles as a grid so their components would be placed in the same location on each. One had a blue pilar and dome, and one a red one. The girl's mother had asked me why they were so alike and about the color dome-things, and I gave this answer off the top of my head:
They are future bubble-towns. See, this one's Blue because of that it's nuclear dome is blue, and the other one is called Red.

And bam, this story started fermenting in the back of my head. I hope you like it.

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